.Re Data Center Tutorial Now Available

March 9, 2021 in Features

.Re Data Center Tutorial Now Available

Customize Data and Charts for Field Days, Presentations, and Journal Articles

Are you using all the features available to you on .Re? In one of our first blog posts, we looked at the time and energy spent on data management and preparation according to third-party company IDC Data Preparation. After all, data in its original, raw state is unlikely to be all that useful. As data workers already know, it requires some cleaning up and customization to arrive at a form that conveys the information intended — whether for yourself or a larger audience.  

Recently we focused our attention on Medius.Re features that could generally be characterized as grower-facing, or at least intended for those who may be advising growers. In this post, we are going to look at features of .Re that in addition to growers will benefit researchers, grower association representatives, and others who might be presenting available data to a larger audience. While we will give an overview of what to expect, if you prefer to skip directly to the video tutorial, it can be found at the bottom of this post. 

Staying true to our mission of making data accessible and dynamic while reducing the amount of time spent in data preparation, we will review the Data Center feature of .Re. Use of the Data Center will allow a Medius.Re user to greatly reduce the time they spend in preparing their data for a presentation. Additionally, users can save their customized work and come back to it later. Instead of finding the relevant data, exporting it to a spreadsheet, only to then begin the process of preparing it for charting purposes, Data Center enables users to customize, prepare, and chart data directly from Medius.Re. By reducing the number of steps involved from data sorting to illustration, a user can also have confidence in its accuracy since the data never leaves .Re. 

In the tutorial, Medius founder and lead software developer Brad Halladay illustrates how to navigate to Data Center (spoiler alert: you need to be a registered user). Once there, a viewer will see how to select the desired data across years, trials, and categories. After it has been selected, the data can be easily transformed into charts and represented as graphical illustrations for presentations, journal articles, or association annual reports. Another valuable feature within Data Center is the ability for users to overlay criteria target lines upon the chart data to further illustrate what varieties may be exceeding or falling short of industry or research standards. 

Whether you are a trial coordinator, an agricultural association staffer, plant breeder, or anyone else who finds themselves before an audience to share the story that the data is telling, we are confident that the use of .Re’s Data Center will make your efforts more efficient and effective. Ultimately, it will save you time and money, which is what Medius.Re is all about. Thanks for reading and please give us a follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram!

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