New Potato Trial Tutorials Available

February 16, 2021 in Features

New Potato Trial Tutorials Available

United States potato growers, association leaders, and processors have some new resources to help them make the most of their Medius.Re access. A series of three videos were recently published that walks users through the .Re platform to maximize its capabilities. Ultimately, these resources can help users identify which emerging varieties might be best positioned to help them boost their bottom line. 

In the first video, Medius Ag founder and president Brad Halladay walks users through the Compare Varieties feature to compare new varieties Petoskey and Mackinaw against industry standards Lamoka and Snowden. The tutorial illustrates the simplicity of establishing the parameters by which the user wishes to make variety comparisons through the selection of specific data fields of interest, crop years, data ranges, and correlated vs. non-correlated data. Concurrently with establishing a user’s desired comparisons, the tutorial shows how he or she can easily reorder the varieties, resize the viewing screen, highlight specific data, export tables as images, download data for external analysis, and even sharing specific comparisons of interest via customized links.

The second tutorial focuses on the Analytics tool within .Re. In this video, a user can observe how to select a trial year or range of years and particular clone attributes of interest with ease to build an Analytics table that will quickly and succinctly identify those varieties that performed the best across a customizable, multi-variable array of years, locations, and criteria. The tutorial includes a deep dive into Analytics settings that allow a user to customize the relative weight of each criterion based upon the importance of it to the user. It also illustrates how a user can better understand Analytics outcomes based upon statistical Z-scores and the number of years and locations that contribute to a variety’s score. Users are also showed how to select varieties and use a shortcut to make direct comparisons on a more granular level. The video concludes with a brief illustration of how to save and export an Analytics table as an image and how to export data if desired.

The final installment of the potato tutorial suite of videos focuses on the Trials feature of .Re. Here a user can watch as Brad shows how to select a specific trial location or locations by year, which enables the viewer to dissect data even down to a replicate level. In this tutorial, a user will see how to hide empty columns, pin trial information (think “freeze panes” in Excel), toggle filters, sort data by category headers, and utilize other features. Images are also easily accessible in the Trials feature, which allows users to quickly scroll through all available images of a specific variety. Finally, the ability to download data for external analysis is illustrated.

We hope these tutorials are useful as you analyze existing and emerging varieties in the National Chip Program and National Fry Processors Trial. As always, thanks for reading, and remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram!

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