Why Medius?

Above all, Medius Ag is a company with deep agricultural roots. From that stems practical data solutions that address many of the challenges faced by modern agriculture. During our combined 45 years in the agriculture industry, we’ve helped drive the transformation that is taking place within agricultural technology and data management.

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Here are what a few of our industry partners are saying about us.
We’re confident we can make a believer out of you too!

[Medius.Re] developed by Medius is the best money the potato industry has ever spent. We have greatly improved the way we manage our data from our potato variety development programs. [Medius.Re] has saved us money since it helps us identify underperforming varieties from our research trials sooner, and helps us find the shining stars quicker.

Chris Voigt
Executive Director, Washington State Potato Commission
Steering Committee Member, National Fry Processor Trials

One thing I really appreciate about the potato variety management database is Brad Halladay’s responsiveness to incorporate new features as the need arises. Brad has worked as a true partner with the US potato breeding community.

Walter DeJong
Associate Professor, Cornell University
Potato Breeder

...I would have to say that these go / no go decisions on varieties, that used to be pretty subjective, have become noticeably more data driven, making decisions more objective and bringing better consensus throughout the trial community, from breeders all the way through to processors. The benefit is obvious to the whole community, in that our programs are more productive and “misses” that used to languish in the system for a few trial years have been greatly reduced, while the truly promising varieties are getting better attention and seeing increased momentum.

Gene Herr
Ag Procurement Manager and Herr Foundation President, Herr Foods
Participant, National Chip Program

I started using [Medius.Re] over four years ago when I first started managing national potato variety trials. It revolutionized the way the industry managed and analyzed variety development data that spanned years and growing areas. During our annual collaborative variety selection meetings, we saved literally hundreds of participant hours of data labor in just a couple days. What had inherently been a subjective process relying on spreadsheets and debate became an objective exercise in decision making. I am such a believer in the technology that I joined the Medius Ag team when given the opportunity. I think that by adopting this technology, other agricultural sectors can experience similar benefits.

Ryan Krabill
Director of Business Development
Medius Ag


Our software solutions are being applied in the private and public sectors alike. Whether you have grower funded variety development projects that could benefit from better organization or large, collaborative trials across multiple growing regions and/or universities, we can help. Even if you’re a private enterprise working on proprietary new varieties, we’re confident that we can help you be an even better steward of your research dollars.

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Our Values

We believe INTEGRITY is not just about telling the truth. It’s a transcendent value about doing the right thing even when that isn’t the easy thing. We govern our relationships with clients and others alike with this in mind. We are also committed to the integrity and protection of our client’s data, using Amazon Web Services to insure reliability and security.

We consider SERVICE to be an essential catalyst for our clients’ success. As such, we are committed to providing the best and most reliable support possible to them. Our clients’ success also means our success.

We welcome CREATIVITY because no two clients are alike. Whether a company, commodity, or consortium, our solutions will reflect our client’s unique needs.

We foster RESPECT in our daily relationships. The Golden Rule is timeless. In the digital world we all live in, it is just as important now as it has ever been, if not more so. We are committed to treating each client and each other with the respect we all deserve.

We embrace RESPONSIBILITY, both individually and as a company. Our actions and inactions matter each day. Whether it is correcting software code or developing tools to reduce the strain on agricultural production systems and our planet, we take that charge seriously.

We seek EFFICIENCY in our products and services to maximize our clients’ most limited resource: Time.

We integrate ACCESSIBILITY for all our products and services. Data and decision-making tools are only useful if they’re available when our clients need them. Whether on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, our SAAS solutions are available 24/7.

Medius Ag

Meet our Team

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Bradley Halladay
Co-Founder & President

Bradley Halladay founded Medius Ag to automate data management specifically for the agricultural industry. With nearly 20 years of potato industry experience, Brad brings more than just his technical expertise as a computer engineer to the Medius products. For the past 15 years Brad has taken an active role in assisting with the generation of data for national potato variety trial programs. Brad helps the potato industry at both the national and state levels to more efficiently analyze the data generated in potato variety development.

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Ryan Krabill
Director of Business Development

Ryan has been active at the nexus of agricultural industry, research, and policy since 2005 when he joined the U.S. Department of Agriculture under Secretary Mike Johanns. After USDA, he spent five years serving U.S. potato growers as Senior Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs at the National Potato Council. Ryan managed national variety trials for the U.S. potato industry and served as the first Director of Research at Potatoes USA--the federal agricultural promotion group for the U.S. potato industry--through 2019. In his role at Medius, Ryan promotes collaboration and problem-solving between agricultural researchers and industry members that results in fundamental improvements in agricultural data usefulness and accessibility.

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Ragen Horst

Ragen is the 4th generation owner of E. K. Bare & Sons--a potato brokerage started in 1948 by his great-grandfather and partner company of Medius Ag. You could say that he has potatoes in his DNA. Ragen has 14 years of experience in the agricultural industry, including transportation, purchasing, and supply chain management. With his degree in Business Marketing with an emphasis on Manufacturing, Ragen brings a depth of knowledge to the team focusing on long term sustainability and supply chain efficiency.

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Jason Simon
Software Developer

Trained as a physicist, Jason has a natural tendency to identify and correct the root causes of complex problems. While working toward his master’s degree in Physics at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Jason vividly recalls the first time he aligned a laser across an optical bench and how difficult it was to collect and analyze data without the proper tools. In his free time, he has put his software development and problem-solving skills to work by helping to develop an intranet search engine at his alma mater and a website for his friend’s hot sauce startup, among other projects. While his path to software engineering may be unique, Jason’s background and nearly 15 years of experience make him a great fit at Medius Ag where he can tackle the unique challenges in agricultural research data management.

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Cody Stubbs
Software Developer

Prior to joining Medius, Cody honed his problem-solving and software engineering skills in the snack foods industry, where he worked as a food and sensory scientist focused on research and development. In this role, he led the development and managed the deployment of several web applications within global business and research teams. Cody enjoys the challenge of thoroughly understanding a problem so that he can develop practical solutions. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Cody studied food science at The Pennsylvania State University.