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At Medius Ag, we are committed to solving the data management and analytical challenges that are commonplace in agricultural research. We understand that none of us work in a sterile laboratory and that environmental variability is part of the game. Regardless of your data and analytical hurdles, we’re confident we can develop solutions that help you spend less time on search and more time on research.


Even under the best of circumstances, agricultural production endures its share of challenges. Unfortunately, not everything is as shelf stable as dry beans. But with every challenge comes opportunity. Medius.Re is ready to support you as you strive to convert those challenges into opportunities.


Land available for farming is a finite resource. We make very effort to help the agricultural research community boost yields by allowing plant breeders to collaborate in real time and share emerging varieties and data that may address growing challenges across different regions, ultimately increasing yields and maximizing yields in existing arable land.


Modern agriculture is a progressive industry and must be to stay profitable. Although it might seem counterintuitive, profitability and sustainability are aligned more than one would expect. For example, when disease resistance genes are incorporated into crops, it can result in the drastic reduction of crop protection inputs. Not only does this ease the burden on the environment, but it also reduces or cuts out entirely a potentially significant cost for producers.

Food Security

Although it sounds like defense against threats to the supply chain, food security is really about the access to food by consumers regardless of socioeconomic level. A key ingredient of food security is affordability and in turn, transportation costs are a large part of consumer costs. By helping to provide the tools that enable different growing regions to produce a diverse number of crops, we can empower the consumer no matter where they live.

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Need to compare the latest new variety to the industry standard? No problem. Aren’t sure which emerging clone is better positioned for success? We’re here to help. With the ability to compare varieties according to your own criteria, you’ll be making difficult decisions more quickly in no time. Or maybe you’re interested in doing a deeper dive into the complexities of the original data? With our document library feature, you don’t have to wonder where you saved that PDF report from your colleague anymore. These are just some of the tools available to you as a Medius.Re user.

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We know that positive attributes of a particular crop can be in the eye of the customer. Perhaps yield is the first priority. Or maybe disease resistance? Regardless, whether you are a plant breeder exploring options for your next cross or a farmer looking for a competitive advantage, Medius.Re adapts to your criteria. Just set up your profile and establish your own preferences. The next time you log in, they’ll be waiting for you. Of course, you can change them whenever you like.


Through the process of discovery that comes with research in any discipline, characteristics of data can change as needs do. With a professional team that understands that your data needs are as unique as your industry, Medius.Re is able to create data fields that match those needs and capture the broad range of data generated across field trials.


Whether in your office or working in the field, Medius.Re is there when you need it. With a user-friendly interface that knows when you are working at your desk or on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll never be caught trying to adjust for a screen size. What’s more, your data is available 24/7 at the touch of your fingertips.


The value of seeing variety trials with your own eyes can never be duplicated, but sometimes travel just isn’t possible. Medius.Re allows you to be there without being there and see the results as soon as they are available. With trial data and accompanying images, you’ll be well on your way to making more informed decisions while stretching your travel budget!


Tired of deciphering someone else’s field notes? With preset data entry field options, you won’t have to worry about color descriptions in the shape column. Or yield data in the irrigation cell. Even better as a researcher, you can plug your data directly into Medius.Re and not spend time migrating from a spreadsheet to a database. Prefer paper? Medius.Re can create data templates for you to print and then enter later. No matter what your preference, data is verified before it’s published so there is always a safeguard to preserve accuracy.


We’ve all been there. No matter how good your intentions are or how disciplined you may be, sometimes those results don’t get shared before that colleague’s deadline. But when you are uploading your trial results directly to a shared database, you don’t have to worry about carving out time to upload--or even worse, enter the data yourself--before your collaborator on the other side of campus, farm or country can access your results.


According to a February 2019 Alteryx study on data, 47 million people worldwide rely on spreadsheets for data activities and spend 60% of their work week in them. The same study found that 44% of data workers’ time is wasted looking for and preparing data. With Medius.Re, you can take an important step to eliminating spreadsheets and letting your software free you to do what you love to do and what you were hired to do.

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