Reclaim your Research

Stop sifting through spreadsheets.
Put your data to work for you.

Reliable data. Collaborative insight.
Better decisions.

At Medius Ag, we empower collaborative agricultural research by merging accuracy and accessibility in our data management solutions. Our roots are in agriculture and it's how we got our start--we even use our own data management product and have for the last 10 years. We understand first-hand that your data needs to be reliable and available whenever you need it.

Reliable Data

We know that accuracy is important to you. And because of that, it’s important to us too. We strive to create data management systems that reinforce accuracy and consistency whenever possible. That’s why data must be verified by an objective member of your team before it is published.

But even the most accurate research isn’t worth much unless it is accessible. We build software solutions that deliver the data you need when you need it, whether you are in your office or on the tractor. Powered by Amazon Web Services, you can be confident that Medius.Re will be there for you on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Collaborative Insight

With Medius.Re, you can leverage your research at Cornell with research in Corvallis. We are accustomed to building data platforms that link researchers across time zones, state lines, and university systems. Not only does it connect the research, but also gives the researchers and stakeholders the confidence to know that they are looking at a standardized set of data.

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Better Decisions

When reliability and collaboration are combined, the natural outcome is better decisions. Nobody wants to waste money through poor investments, and this is especially true when it comes to agricultural research that can be both resource and time intensive. By removing the subjectivity from data evaluations, Medius.Re enables researchers and stakeholders to save time and money by empowering them to make more accurate decisions, more quickly.

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[Medius.Re] has made it easier for our industry to partner and collaborate on variety development.
All the data is in one location, it's secure, and easily accessible.

Chris Voigt
Executive Director, Washington State Potato Commission
Steering Committee Member, National Fry Processor Trials

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Reclaim your Research

So go ahead... stop sifting through spreadsheets.
Embrace today's ever-changing agricultural environment.
Put your data to work for you.

Reclaim now
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Why the name Medius?

Medius [mee-dee-uh s] is the latin word for 'middle' or 'between'. We view our software solutions as the connection between the user and their data. We are opposed to software that looks like glorified database dumps, we find those useless. At Medius we believe in making data creation and management as simple and useful as possible. We spent years using and developing tools that are simple and intuitive to use.

From The Founder

Reliable data. Collaborative insight. Better decisions.

At Medius Ag, we aren't just a software company. We are an agriculturally focused team for managing large and sometimes complex data sets. We view our role as being critical to the success of our industry partners and friends, and we take that very seriously. So seriously that we aren't afraid to get our hands dirty and at times we aid in the collection of research data in the field or processing facility. There's no better way for us to improve our service to you than to depend on the products we create ourselves.

We care about the person as much as the product and have developed deep relationships with our clients to provide them with the best service.

- Bradley Halladay