Medius Ag Launches Ag Weather Data Platform

October 12, 2022 in Features

Medius Ag Launches Ag Weather Data Platform

Company Builds on its Commitment to Useful Data for Agriculture

Medius Ag is excited to announce the launch of Medius.Wx, a new user-friendly web-based software platform that modernizes agricultural weather station data accessibility and analytics. The platform went live on October 1. At present, critical weather data for 15 Auburn University research stations across Alabama can be accessed through the system. The platform is in addition to Medius.Re, a variety data management and analytics platform that serves as the company’s flagship data platform and the principal data platform for 11 crops in Auburn University’s Variety Testing Program. Additional weather station networks in other states may become available in the future.

Central to the purpose of Medius Ag is delivering accurate agricultural data in a timely manner and a useful format. In fact, the company’s mission is to deliver agricultural data solutions. “Medius Weather Exchange addresses a direct need expressed by Auburn University,” said Medius Ag founder and president, Brad Halladay. “We are proud of our ability to put our deep understanding of the needs of agriculture to work for the benefit of agricultural producers and researchers wherever they may be.” 

For existing users of Medius.Re, the new weather-specific Medius.Wx platform will have a very familiar look and feel. Similar to selecting a single trial location, a user may select a specific weather station location and drill down into the details. Additionally, a user may define a desired dataset by length of time, specific data points to be filtered, and/or frequency of historical data, from a period of one day and down to 15 minute increments. There are additional visual analytics tools to give users the ability to overlay several data points on the same graph. This feature gives users more capacity to convey weather-related stories through data.

The Weather Exchange site creates an easily accessible ag weather data platform to disseminate high quality weather data to farmers and faculty in a secure online environment.  Stakeholders have full access to all of the weather data generated from 15 locations across the state for crop production needs, insurance claims, or just to observe trends that help explain variability within a season.  The ability to deliver this product to our stakeholders at no cost to them is key to fostering broad acceptance and usage of weather data we collect.

Greg Pate, Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station

To see an overview of the platform’s functionality in action, please take a few minutes to view the video tutorial below.

Medius Ag Weather Exchange Video Tutorial

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