Clemson University Adopts Medius.Re

February 28, 2023 in News

Clemson University Adopts Medius.Re

Palmetto State the Latest to Modernize Agricultural Variety Trial Data Through Web-Based Platform

Medius Ag is proud to announce a new partnership with the Agronomic Crop Variety Trials program at Clemson University in South Carolina. The program delivers “crop performance data” that “provides information to growers, extension personnel, seed producers, seed dealers and agricultural workers and agencies in South Carolina and the world.” With the adoption of Medius.Re, Clemson becomes the 20th land grant university to partner with Medius Ag to modernize at least some of its agricultural variety trial data for greater usefulness to the U.S. agricultural industry.

Variety trial data for corn, soybeans, wheat, and cotton grown across Clemson’s network of trial sites in South Carolina are available for crop seasons 2019 and following. In some cases, irrigated as well as dryland data is available. As always, the Medius platform depends upon the data collection efforts of researchers working on behalf of the client university. Cumulatively, 4,244 variety records across the four crops are available, including 1,323 soybean records, 1,224 cotton records, 1,053 corn records, and 644 wheat records. The data can be accessed at

“We are excited and honored to partner with Clemson University to help deliver critical public variety trial data to producers, researchers, commodity organizations, seed companies, and others in a more dynamic way,” said Medius Ag founder and lead developer, Brad Halladay. “Users will experience an immediate benefit through increased functionality, customization, and visual aids–all developed to make complex decisions easier and more efficient.”

As with all Medius.Re platforms, users of are encouraged to set up a personal account profile. Doing so will enable them to create customized settings that can be saved and used on subsequent visits to the website. To register, go to To stay on top of regular system updates and enhanced features, be sure to follow Medius Ag through our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can also check out an earlier post on South Carolina agriculture.

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