Medius.Re Weather Feature Tutorial

March 23, 2021 in Features

Medius.Re Weather Feature Tutorial

Use Precipitation, Wind, Temperature Data to Your Advantage

Did you know that Medius.Re integrates weather data with trial data? Not only can a .Re user look at weather data specific to a current crop year, but that data can also be compared to historical averages to better understand what might be driving physiological characteristics. See the accumulation of Growing Degree Days (GDD) or precipitation or from planting to harvest, evaluate atypical weather events or patterns, export graphical illustrations for reporting purposes, and more. 

In this installment of .Re tutorials, Medius Ag founder and lead developer Brad Halladay illustrates how to leverage weather data to make the most of trial data. Learn how to customize your date range to capture a more specific or expansive view of environmental factors related to a trial or zero in on crop development benchmarks. A viewer can also observe how to overlay daily precipitation totals on an air temperature graph. 

Brad also shows how to adjust GDD from the default (40 in this potato example) to a customized number specific to a viewer’s needs, load historical averages for graphical comparison purposes, drill down to look at data at a more granular daily level, and see the physical location of the weather station augmented with satellite images. Although this particular video uses potato trials as an example, the feature can be applied regardless of commodity.

Similarly to the Data Center feature we highlighted earlier this month, the weather feature of Medius.Re may be particularly helpful to grower association staff, extension professionals, and researchers to help tell a data-driven story to their respective audience. Of course, growers themselves will appreciate the ability to examine the climatic data and the impact on trial performance first-hand. 

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