International Year of Plant Health

Human health is a big topic of conversation these days, and rightly so, but what about plant health? Although it doesn’t normally capture headlines and imaginations like coronavirus, the impacts of serious plant diseases or

America’s Best Idea

The land-grant university system is being built on behalf of the people who have invested in these public institutions their hopes, their support and their confidence. President Abraham Lincoln – July 2, 1862 Over the

Bricks Without Clay

Data. Data. Data. I cannot make bricks without clay. Sherlock Holmes Decisions. We make a lot of them. In fact, it’s estimated that we make an average of 35,000 of them daily without even realizing

Data Quality Tax

Note: The follow-up to this article can be seen here: Here’s a question: If you could reduce or eliminate a 16.6% tax on your business or research program, would you do it? Perhaps a

Research Resilience

Unprecedented. Strange. Unknown. Dangerous. Scary. The new normal.  We’ve all heard the descriptions associated with the times in which we are currently living. The news is saturated with them; and our responses, both individually and